Cryotherapy Device COOLSTREAM -30 °C

The COOLSTREAM is a local cryotherapy device with the infrared  sensor and  working temperature up to -15 °С at the branch pipe. It can operate continuously up to 5 hours.

It is used  in different areas of physiotherapy  as well as to relieve pain in cosmetic procedures, including soothing the inflamed skin during laser hair removal, skin ablation, and other cosmetics laser procedures.

The cryotherapy unit has been successfully applied in such areas as:

⊲ curing diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
⊲ vertebroneurology;
⊲ neurology;

⊲ rehabilitation practice (recovery from injuries and/or surgeries);

⊲ phlebology;

⊲ cosmetology.

The uniqueness of this unit is shown by the following:

⊲ the presence of feedback, which controls the temperature of the patient's skin by means of a high-precision infrared sensor;
⊲ automatic control of the cold generator and air flow;
⊲ the possibility of using a procedural hose from either side of the installation (left or  right).

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