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At the heart of our devices

is a unique technology for obtaining

low temperatures using a one-flow

cascade cycle, proposed by

Ukrainian professor

A.P. Kleemenko in the 1950s

Dr. Andriy Mostyckyi

PHD, Scientific director

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1965 – 1992

In the 1960s the cycle was modified by V.M. Yagodin and V.A. Nikol'skii at Kiev Research Institute of Cryogenic Electronics "Saturn". Creation of ultrasensitive cryogenic receiving and amplifying systems for rocket and space technology, was one of the tasks of the Research Institute. Low temperatures were used to significantly improve the sensitivity of receivers in space. This required a creation of special cooling devices, characterized by high energy efficiency and miniaturization.


1992 – 2013

5 like-minded scientists-engineers, including cryogenic technology specialists from the Research Institute «Saturn» and refrigeration specialists from Kiev Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices, teamed up and registered a small enterprise with the patriotic name DNIPRO-MTO. The goal of this company was the development and production of medical and technical equipment using the throttle compression cooling cycle on mixed refrigerant.


2013 - 2018

Due to the investment the structure of the company and the approach to work fundamentally changed. Andriy Kamenivskyi and partners actively implement an effective and pragmatic Western management model. As a result, the company rose to a new level, in 2013 the first European representative was opened in Magdeburg, Germany. Since 2018  Kryotech Head office is situated in Hamburg.


Kryotech today is a compact, modern company that can meet high quality criteria and create new trends in the cryotechnology market. Kryotech’s team is composed of professionals in the field of theoretical cryogenics, medical and laboratory instrumentation.

Kryotech Full Story

Contact information

Head office

Harksheider Str. 69a

22399, Hamburg, Germany

Phone: + 49 322 142 196 25

Representative Office / n Eastern Europe

Arany Janos ter 1

3526 Miskolc, Hungary

Phone: + 36 46 35 90 12

R&D Division

15 Generala Naumova St.

03164 Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: + 38 044 424 91 69

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