Creating Cryo

Creating Future


As a scientific laboratory, Kryotech is continuously looking for

new solutions in the field of ultra-low temperatures equipment and applications.

Therefore, we would consider any opportunity of joint activity in this area.

Joint activity could mean a partnership with interested sides who are

working in the same field of application.


Cryo freezers

Increasing the volume of the cold

chamber and decreasing working temperature

down to -196 °C.

We look forward to collaborating with the interested colleagues,

who have already used cryo-equipment in different fields of application,

or plan to use it in nearest future. We would be happy to hear

any questions or recommendations from you.

We will try to satisfy your special requirements and do our best to realize them.

Please, contact us for consultation regarding any manufacturing issues.

Contact information

Head office

Harksheider Str. 69a

22399, Hamburg, Germany

Phone: + 49 322 142 196 25

Representative Office / n Eastern Europe

Arany Janos ter 1

3526 Miskolc, Hungary

Phone: + 36 46 35 90 12

R&D Division

15 Generala Naumova St.

03164 Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: + 38 044 424 91 69

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