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Small Brand with

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At the heart of our devices

is a unique technology for obtaining

low temperatures using a one-flow

cascade cycle, proposed by

Ukrainian professor

A.P. Kleemenko in the 1950s

Dr. Andriy Mostyckyi

PHD, Scientific director


Kryotech - Full Story      Kryotech History in Brief

Kryotech's activities are focused on developing throttle and cryogenic cooling systems with the temperature level up to -200°C. Unique technology for obtaining low temperatures using a one-flow cascade cycle, proposed by Ukrainian professor  A.P. Kleemenko in the 1950s, in the 1960s the cycle was modified by V.M. Yagodin and V.A. Nikol'skii at Kiev Research Institute of Cryogenic Electronics "Saturn". Сreation of ultrasensitive cryogenic receiving and amplifying systems for rocket and space technology, was one of the tasks of the Research Institute. Low temperatures can significantly improve the sensitivity of the receivers. This required a creation of special cooling devices, characterized by high energy efficiency and miniaturization.

Full History


A. Mostitskyi (Head of R&D department of Kryotech) after graduation from NTUU KPI came as a young specialist to the Research Institute «Saturn»  with the goal to study and masteri the mixed cryogenic technology.


1970 - 1972

Under the leadership of V.M.Yagodin and V.A.Nikol'skii, Mr. A.Mostitskyi carried out hundreds of experiments to study the properties of multicomponent mixtures and determine the characteristics of the throttle cycle on mixtures.

The result of this set of experimental studies was the discovery of a family of mixtures that significantly reduced the initial throttling pressure (from 10.0 -20.0 MPa to 6.0 MPa) and simultaneously simultaneously increased the throttle effect. This made it possible to start creating small-sized cryogenic cooling systems with high energy efficiency and reliability.



Mr. Mostitskyi, as a Head of the R&D laboratory, continued to develop the low-temperature technology, and began to apply cryotechnology to solve practical problems and create samples of new cryogenic equipment.



Mr. Mostitskyi received the first copyright certificate in USSR for multicomponent mixture that allowed to proceed with the creation of highly efficient cooling system. With a cryostat level of up to 85K at a throttling pressure in the range of 2.0-4.0 MPa. In subsequent years he received up to 40 copyright certificates for inventions in the USSR and patents in Ukraine and the EU.



This year, marked the first time the Research Institute "Saturn" applied cryogenic technologies to create a commercial product. A line of medical devices was created, including a cryosurgical device "Cryoelectronics-1" for the treatment of neoplasms. The serial device was effectively used for the destruction of skin and mucous membranes with low temperatures. Cryo devices were proven to be effective in the removal of benign tumors, and in the prevention and treatment of precancerous conditions. The uniqueness of the development was in its mobility and safety. All devices operated from the 220V network, like any household appliance and did not require periodic replenishment of liquid nitrogen. This allowed to provide assistance and treatment in clinics of remote regions. Doctors were able to treat a larger number of patients, without using the cumbersome and expensive liquid nitrogen equipment The Research Institute "Saturn" produced more than 100 pcs. of such devices for regional and district centers of the USSR.



Refrigeration specialist V.I. Tikhonov invited petrochemist Oleg Baklan to work in Kiev Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices as a specialist in calculating the thermodynamic properties of mixtures. Mr. O. Baklan quickly settled in at a new job and became one of the main developers of mixtures for low-temperature cooling systems. 14 years after he became a co-founder of DNIPRO-MTO, where he occupied at once two director's chairs: commercial (1992-2014), and scientific (up to this day).


Mr. Mostitskyi defended his Thesis for a Candidate's Degree at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU). This was the first defended, scientifically proven and implemented in practice academic paper on cryogenic systems and mixtures in the USSR. According to Mr. Mostitskyi, the secret for incredible achievements of Soviet science, is the organized association of research institutes with experimental production. This allowed rapid experimentation with scientific ideas, their approbation and implementation in mass production. These principles were kept by the developers and implemented in DNIPRO-MTO and Kryotech.



In Kiev on the basis of Kiev Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices the world's first household refrigerator with mixed technology was created, surpassing all modern analogues in terms of efficiency.

Unfortunately, the use of mixtures in the manufacture of refrigerators at that time required a significant readjustment of factory technology and significant capital investments. That was not possible under conditions of mass production of household refrigerators. It was decided to use the mixed technology in the development of freezers with a cooling temperature from -40 oC to -60oC. At that time, material-intensive cascade cooling systems were used in this temperature range. The technology for production of compact and reliable freezers for medicine and domestic use was practically absent.



Medical devices of the Research Institute «Saturn» received a lot of positive feedback and prestigious awards. Among them - the VDNKh medal and Leipzig International Exhibition Medal.


The collapse of the USSR affected primarily the defense industry. Numerous defense institutions lost funding. As a result, the Research Institute "Saturn" significantly reduced its activities (in 1994 it was transformed into Joint Stock Company


5 like-minded scientists-engineers, including cryogenic technology specialists from the Research Institute «Saturn» and refrigeration specialists from Kiev Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices, teamed up and registered a small enterprise with the patriotic name DNIPRO-MTO. The company specialized in the use of the throttle compression cooling cycle on blend refrigerant, invented and developed in the 1960s by the Research Institute “Saturn».

Main products:

 - low-temperature freezers for long- and short-term storage of blood, plasma, viruses, stem cells and other biomaterials;

-cryomedical devices for the treatment of inflammatory and oncological diseases.

Each founder was well experienced in R&D, as well as experimental and serial production. Every member of the team had a stock of ideas and developments, and was capable to produce breakthrough technologies.

From the very beginning, scientists had to combine scientific activity with solving standard business issues. Initially they offered a cryosurgical unit and low temperature freezers (for storage of biomaterials) directly to medical institutions and their offer had a positive feedback from doctors.

The process of manufacturing of body parts and units was delegated to contractors. Final operations - assembly, adjustment, and testing of finished products was carried out by them, too. All the profit was invested in equipment.



DNIPRO-MTO was a frequent winner of state tenders and a regular participant in scientific production programs from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of the Industrial Policy, and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. As a result, the company carried out a number of R&D’s and developed a manufacturing line of low-temperature freezers and medical equipment.

Over the next 12 years more than 2200 pcs. of freezers and about 500 pcs. of histological equipment, cryotherapy and cryosurgical equipment were supplied to Ukrainian medical institutions.

That same year DNIPRO-MTO, for the first time, introduced its products abroad, at the international exhibition "Medica" in Dusseldorf (

Transportation of bulk products and expensive stand of DNIPRO-MTO at the world-famous exhibition, was paid for by a grant from a German company. Since then, the annual participation in Medica became a good tradition for the company.



DNIPRO-MTO remained the leader in the LN-free refrigeration even after competition started to appear. This was due to the company’s top energy efficiency and lowest cost of production. As of today, DNIPRO-MTO no longer has competitors on Ukrainian market.



Employees of the company visited the world's leading exhibitions for laboratory and medical products in Germany, Jordan, Austria, China, Iran. At every exhibition the team went to, the interest to the company from foreign producers was lofty. Finally, new acquaintances brought by some results and for the first time, a freezer was exported to Austria.


In addition to domestic sales in Ukraine and the CIS, cryosurgical devices began to be supplied to Israel.



Thanks to participation in international exhibitions, a large order was received from the German company UNIPHY ELEKTROMEDICINE for the development and export of cryotherapy device.

Industrial production of cryo-devices was set up, which largely decided the fate of DNIPRO-MTO for the next 15 years. Within the project, more than 2000 pcs. of cryotherapy devices working on the know-how of the company's technology were exported to Western Europe.

The second joint Ukrainian-German product was a vibration platform. The vibro-massager did not contain any special scientific research, however its sales exceeded 5000 pcs. and brought a stable profit for almost 15 years of partnership. This strong partnership came to an end only in 2014, due to the  retirement of the German partner.

The deal became a proof of ecological safety, high quality and efficiency of DNIPRO-MTO devices. With the support of its foreign partners, DNIPRO-MTO opened service centers in Europe, where personnel would be trained and taught about cryotechnology.

2010 - 2012

As a result of reforms, the volume of state orders and programs was sharply reduced. The search for customers, once again, went directly to the medical facilities.



Mr. Andrei Kamenivskyi is a businessman, the first and only person who invested his resources in the development of DNIPRO-MTO for more than 26 years of the company's history. The investor learned about the company long before the deal and for several years observed the scientific and entrepreneurial activity of a handful of scientists.

At that time, he regularly monitored the Ukrainian market looking for attractive and interesting projects for cooperation. He knew what he was looking for:

1. a product that would be demanded worldwide,

2. competitive at the highest level,

3. worthily representing the manufacturer and country in the international market,

4. exclusively finished product

5. and completely made in Ukraine.


Mr. Kamenivsky believed in the power of creating high-quality goods in his home country. In his opinion, the Ukrainian industry has long suffered from its passive export of manufactured products. “The greatest benefit to the individual, company, and country, comes from the sale of finished, competitive goods. Selling raw materials will never allow you to earn the greatest profit, and develop a strong market presence.”

For many years, Mr. A. Kamenivskyi was looking for an ideal Ukrainian product. His choice fell on DNIPRO-MTO because the subjects and results of its activity were the closest to his expectations. Thus, the businessman became an investor.


2014 - 2015

With the arrival of Mr. Kamenivskyi the structure of the company and the approach to work were fundamentally changed. DNIPRO- MTO attracted talent to its headquarters. Company hired young specialists in logistics, material and component sciences, as well as created marketing and sales departments. As for the founders, they were finally able to dedicate all their attention to research and development.

Meanwhile, DNIPRO-MTO opened its first European representative office in Magdeburg for the promotion of cryogenic products to Western markets under the brand CryoGT. A similar office, focused on the CIS market, appeared in Moscow to tackle the Asian market.


2016 - 2018

Active work is carried out to promote products to the markets of Europe, Asia and other continents. The circle of the company's participation in significant specialized international exhibitions expanded.

The company successfully passed certification audit and confirmed  compliance  with  the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. It is currently carrying out preparatory works for obtaining CE certificates for manufactured products.

The volume of exports to Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Hungary), CIS countries, Asia (China, etc.) is gradually increasing. Scientific development of the company has become a priority. DNIPRO-MTO started cooperation with the leading Ukrainian universities. To ensure a bright future for the company meetings with under- and post-graduates students are conducted every month, to get them acquainted with the activities of the company. A number of young specialists and four KPI students (Kiev Polytechnic Institute) were recruited for training and preparation for work in the development of DNIPRO-MTO.

The scientific department of the company significantly expanded the range of R&D and scientific studies since Mr. Kamenivskyi became an investor.

In 5 years, a record number of R&D was carried out, this includes the creation of:

-parametric series of horizontal freezers up to  -90 °C with volumes from 15L to 200L;

-horizontal freezers up to -150°C;

- vertical freezers up to -90°C with volume of 200L;

 -parametric range of devices for local cryotherapy with three cooling levels on vaporizer -2°C, -30°C, -90 °C;

- "Cold room" with a temperature range from -40°C to -45 °C with volume of 10m3, 20 m3, 50m3;

 - cryosauna for general cryotherapy at temperatures from -80°C to -110 °C;

-installation for cryosurgery up to  -175 °C  (no analogues of this invention worldwide);

- freezer up to -196 °C   (no analogue of this invention worldwide, an industrial design is currently being prepared for the upcoming exhibition);

-cryomodule up to -203°C (for use in materials science, electronics industry, engineering, biotechnology , etc.);

- cryo separator, a device for repairing mobile phones (used to replace the broken screen in phones and tablets by cooling it to temperatures from -130°C  to -165 °C  ).


Since 2018  Kryotech Head office is situated in Hamburg.

Kryotech today is a compact, modern company that can meet high quality criteria and create new trends in the cryotechnology market. Kryotech’s team is composed of professionals in the field of theoretical cryogenics, medical and laboratory instrumentation.

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