ULCSeries -90 °C

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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer 
28 liters, -90 °C

ULC-30 is a safe and compact option for any laboratory. It easily fits under a table or a desk and provides enough room to store 3,000 microtubes of biological samples.

ULC-30 used in a number of sectors ranging from beauty and pharmaceutics to studies of physics and engineering. Our customization feature allows you to order the freezer that fits your specific needs. The inner chamber can be engineered to fit samples of unusual lengths (>1000mm) and forms.


⊲ Compact size
⊲ Energy efficient
⊲ Low vibration

⊲ Low noise

⊲ Green gas

⊲ Single compressor

Compact size

Energy Efficient

Low Vibration


Low Noise

Green gas