ULCSeries -90 °C

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer  
84 liters, -90 °C
ULC-80 is a necessity for any laboratory. Fitting more than 20,000 microtubes, it can slot under any standard desk or table. Easy to open lid and inner chamber out of stainless steel, ensure easy operation and maintenance of the freezer.
ULC-80 is our most energy-efficient freezer. Due to a combination of our developments in cryo-engineering and gas mixing, we were able to make ULC-80 run completely on green gas granting us the incredibly low energy consumption rates.


⊲ Compact size
⊲ Energy efficient
⊲ Low vibration

⊲ Low noise

⊲ Green gas

⊲ Single compressor

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Compact size

Energy Efficient

Low Vibration


Low Noise

Green gas